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Celebrity App designs custom made mobile solutions for digital models who want to monetize their popularity. Earn money by communicating directly with your fans, even engage them with one-on-one video chats on your own custom made phone app.

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What We Do

Mobile Apps

We handle all the technology aspects, creating and updating your app, licensing you in the iTunes and Google Play stores, then promoting and managing your app worldwide.

1on1 Video Chat

You unique opportunity to make huge earnings by video chatting with your fanbase! Promote just one link and let people buy tickets and videochat with you. No installation or third party apps required.

Digital Presence

Create your own digital presence and consolidate what you’re already doing on socials. We have the passion and the technology to create your best website ever, together with the ecommerce and Google Analytics

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Our System is designed for complete Eco-system. We understand the solution should work for all the participants.

For Visitors

  • Ad-hoc Visitor – Our solution process proper detailing of any casual visitor visiting the premises.
  • Pre-Approved Visitor – Direct and Hassle free entry for the Pre-approved visitor via OTP.

For Front Desk

  • Easiest to use solution for Guards / Receptionist.
  • Fast – Handles multiple check ins at time. Clears entry in seconds.
  • Dynamic Reporting at Front Desk / Security / Reception.

For Residents

  • Invite visitors – Easy option for inviting visitor.
  • E-verification of visitor.
  • Find and Track your domestic staff.
  • Raise Help-desk tickets or trigger panic Alarm directly from App.
  • Connect with your neighbors or Peers from any where in the world.

For Admin

  • Full control over organization or residential campus.
  • Download visitor reports or unverified staff details.
  • Help investigations with authentic data in case of crime.

Client Testimonials*

*actual app reviews collected in 2018-2019

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